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Vinewood Hills Dog Exercise Park

Discussion in 'Business Registration Application Inbox' started by Victor, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Victor

    Victor New Member S.A.F.R. S.A.F.R. Chief

    Jun 7, 2019
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    ★ Title:”Business License Application - Your Name or Business Name”


    ★ Getting to know you

    ⟐ Name: Melina Troska

    ⟐ DOB: 1983/01/20

    ⟐ Current Occupation: Captain of SAFR EMS Division

    ⟐ How long have you lived in the city for: Since June 8 2019, so about 4 months.

    ⟐ Criminal Record: None

    (We will be obtaining a copy of your records )

    ★ Business Info

    ⨞ Business Name: Vinewood Hills Dog Exercise Park

    ⨞ Business Background: This is park for our loyal four legged friends. Plan is to keep it open for public and encourage city people to take their dogs to exercise in this beautiful park. Plan to have fun and games with your pet and overall social interaction among pet owners and pets themselves. Park will also serve as recreational activity for owners who live busy lives in the city and have very limited time to go outdoors with their pets.

    ⨞ Business Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zxezraZQkrYumqjzw6A44dUJ7lFLaF1e1EBO4_cOsII/edit?usp=sharing

    ⨞ Business Website: (optional)

    ⨞ Employees: Job opportunities for animal trainer, veterinerian, animal nutritionist, animal shelter manager, dog breeder and much more. Imagination has no limit.

    ⨞ Business Plan: Have park open 24/7 for all who wish to have a fun day with their pet. Meeting point for pet owners to socialize and perhaps conduct business while their pets enjoy outdoors. Opportunity to contact trainer or any other animal expert to couch or council. Plan also is to include city park / gardening & maintenance services Greenfield and welcome anyone who is interested in animal work. Park occasionally will have games and prices for most loyal pet, or "dress to look like your pet" competitions ect.

    ⨞ Type of License you are applying for (reference this page for the license types http://www.dol.wa.gov/listoflicenses.html): None

    ⨞ Pricing for services: (this depends on the type of business you are setting up.) : Park is free for everyone. Prices are negotiated with respected service providers like animal trainers ect. In case of animal events, organizers contact park owner for pricing.

    ★ OOC

    Anything you require from our dev team for this to work: (optional): No

    Questions?: No questions

    Steam Name: Melina/Victor Troska
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  2. Friendlyjenlee

    Friendlyjenlee Senior-Admin Staff Member Senior-Admin Criminal

    Mar 13, 2019
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    Under Review

    Thank you for submitting your business application! I will review your application and email you about setting up a meeting to discuss your business in detail. I look forward to meeting with you!​

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