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Rejected State of San Andreas vs Jim Street

Discussion in 'Court Proceedings - Archive' started by Cinnaduma, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Cinnaduma

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    Aug 26, 2019
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    Arraigned By: TBD
    Prosecutor: TBD
    Case number: 872
    F12 (Money Laundering)

    Defendant: Jim Street
    Defense Attorney: TBD

    Arresting (Charging Agency) Officer: Sgt. Galante

    Officer(s) Involved: N/A

    Witnesses: N/A

    Incident Summary:
    V. Galante | 202 witnessed and individual tweeting about getting some "Money cleaned" 202 called the number of the person tweeting about cleaning money and set up a meetup location. 202 got Detectives S.King M.Taral As well as R.Sheil and Lt Z.Marx. 202 was set up with a wire prior to meeting with the individual. 202 went complete UC and met with the individual. The suspect stated that twitter was indeed his and he was trying to get some counterfeit money cleaned. the suspect said handed over $75,000 worth of Counterfeit money. 202 drove himself and the suspect to legion Bank where the sting took place. 202 gave his back up the signal to move in and was arrested with the suspect on the scene. 202 and the suspect were later transported down to MRPD for Processing Mr. Street was ID'd through state ID and was charged with Money laundering carrying a 45m sentence and a $6,250 fine

    ******PLEAD NOT GUILTY******

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  2. Asu40

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    Jun 4, 2018
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    Good Morning,

    Do to a administrative issue within the BCSO Mr. Street has wrongly been identified regarding this case, with this in mind case number 872 is hereby removed and Mr. Streets felony status revoked.

    This Case is Closed

    Supreme Court,
    Chief Justice David Johnson

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