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Accepted Sold Route 68 Room 6 Apartment but didn't receive $50,000 in my bank.

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Bob Harris, Jan 14, 2020.

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  1. Bob Harris

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    Nov 30, 2018
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    Characters Name:Craig Huff

    Your Steam Name:Rude Boy

    Day and Time you encountered the bug:1/14/20 at 9:12pm

    List Property that was lost including its value (Due to game bug):Route 68 Room 6 Apartment in Sandy Shores $50,000

    What you did before the bug happened:Went to go sell and did not receive $50,000 in my bank.

    Videos/Screenshot Evidence of Property: Two pictures with my cell phone. Sorry to take pictures with cell phone but wanted to also get the time and date to show on one of the pictures which is on my second monitor. IMG_20200114_211256.jpg IMG_20200114_211327.jpg

    Note: Please fill out all sections to the best of your ability, failure to do so or failure to provide sufficient evidence to support your claim could lead to a denial. Thanks!

    Comp Tips: The more information you give the better, totalling your losses and including that in the post gets you your comp faster, if your comp doesn't stick or money is not applied despite your post being marked "Accepted" you can either create a new post or PM me.
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