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Denied Sasha/DShKM application

Discussion in 'Approved' started by Sasha, Feb 10, 2020.

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  1. Sasha

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    Mar 15, 2018
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    Getting to know you
    Steam Name: DShKM

    RP Characters: Sasha Rostov, Rory Sheil, Cormac Walsh, etc

    Your Age(Min 18): 26

    How long have you been a member of Greenleaf?
    A little more than two years.

    Are you currently a Staff member in any capacity?
    Negative, ghost rider.

    In a minimum of 50 words, tell us about yourself:
    I'm a 26 year old guy from Stockholm, Sweden. I cook and talk to people for a living with a restaurant group having held a michelin star for ten years and whose owners have received multiple top three awards in the bocuse d'or and won multiple accolades besides that.
    Outside of work I enjoy to, obviously, play video games and I've been roleplaying since 2013 in ArmA2's DayZ mod. Some of the most fun I've had have been roleplaying in DayZ leading groups like The Family and the Chedaki, among a few others.
    I obviously like cooking, but do it too little outside of work, I am a bit of a geek when it comes to tools and tech usually digging deeper into things, headphones, kitchen knives and watches are hobbies I've dabbled in and keep dabbling in.
    Me and the wife are currently working on a VISA for me to move to the US for a few years.

    What made you decide to apply to join the Moderator team?
    I have had a habit of joining staff teams of communities I enjoy as I enjoy staying connected, being able to influence the direction and make sure it stays an enjoyable experience for myself and others.
    I am quite an opinionated person and enjoy giving my two cents.

    In your own words what are the responsibilities associated with being a Game Moderator?
    Helping out people with their questions or problems, encouraging a good behaviour and making sure rules are understood and abided by. Making sure the community is enjoyable and that the quality standard is met.

    Do you have any specific skills or past experience that you could bring to the Moderator Team?
    A fair bit of adminstrative experience, mainly in competitive and PVP based games and a few less serious
    roleplay communities. I've adminstrated a fair few ArmA Epoch/Exile servers, the official BattleField 3 and BattleField Bad Company 2 servers in Sweden, a relatively popular Garry's Mod "RP" server (I like building and designing base defenses, OK)

    I also have quite extensive experience in roleplay community litigation coming from years of experience in the DayZRP community where hostilities in roleplay often ended up with necessary paperwork following the encounter.

    What makes you a better applicant than others?
    This is a good question and one I always have a hard time answering.
    I'm a calm and collected person that likes to get involved.
    I'm patient, I like to help people and it takes quite a bit to get me anything more than mildly annoyed. I value consistency and I have a lot of experience on the other side of things and know my pet peeves when dealing with adminstrative situations as a player.

    I have a lot of experience on the other side of things and know the pet peeves I've had when dealing with situations from the other side.

    Also, I'm european. Atimezone that needs reinforcements.

    I also have quite extensive experience in roleplay community litigation coming from years of experience in the DayZRP community where hostilities in roleplay often ended up with necessary paperwork following the encounter. Always took an interest in the report section there, no matter how toxic that aspect was to the community.

    I'm not used to writing applications for things like this and always find it weird to describe myself, especially on questions like this one.

    How willing are you to help others over playing the game?
    Very. I find it fun and interesting. There is also usually a lot of downtime in between "major events" so I don't think this would be an issue very often.

    How do you handle stressful situations?
    Quite well. I'm used to it with my work. Best advice I've ever gotten was to slow down, take a breath and not care about the stress. Deal with the situation at hand to the best of my ability and then deal with the aftermath when you're done. This, obviously, from a restaurant setting. What I'm saying is, I usually don't get particularly stressed outside of the waking nightmare that is the ticket machine repeatedly printing in long bursts.


    ▸You are involved in an RP situation with an obviously new player who goes out of character by saying "I'm new to this server what button do I press?" What would you do?

    I would send him a PM asking to pull him aside for a quick conversation, answer his questions, explain that the best way to ask these questions would be to use /report and also encourage him to stay in character, if needed I'd explain what I do to keep in character and "get immersed" usually a little push in the right direction and a reminder is all that is needed. I remember when I was new to roleplaying, it can be incredibly awkward trying to play a role for the first time. Especially if they have friends around them.

    I rarely see a point in punishing people unless they've acted in a clearly malicious manner with intent.

    ▸You are spectating an RP situation between Police and criminals when you notice a player going out of character and generally not role playing very well. What would you do?

    Depending on how extreme the issue is I would let the situation conclude before approaching the situation in a very similar manner to the one above if possible.

    Seeing as this one involves an in-character event I would start by approaching it as such using the FIB outfit and an FIB car, now, seeing as the situation involves police and criminals I think a fair conclusion here would be that my conversation would be held either in holding or in jail itself.

    As such I'd approach wearing my FIB outfit as to not ruin the immersion of the other parties and ask to talk to the person in question privately. I'd explain the way roleplay servers work, talk about staying in character and I'd gauge whether the person has any interest in participating in an actual roleplay server or if he simply wants to find a cops vs robbers server.
    I'm also likely to ask him this question directly. Depending on his reply, I would either recommend he finds a cops vs robber server as I'd believe that to fit him better or I would give him the same tips and advice I would give in the first situation and keep an eye on him in the future.

    The third option would be if he seems to not care and only wish to cause problems for however long he is able to. I'd have the talk, I'd kick him and I'd watch him if he returned. If he returns and continues his behaviour I would ban him. If he didn't return, or if he returned and made an effort I'd write him up on a little watchlist and hope for the best.

    ▸You are spectating a new player and he is attempting to steal cars from locals as well as beating one or two up along the way. What would you do and why?

    This depends entirely on the way he goes about it. My first reaction would be to watch him for a few minutes before engaging him, trying to interact with him in-character and get him to participate in roleplay.
    Hopefully, this will be all that is needed. Someone to talk to, and get a hint of what roleplay is about with.
    This would likely end up being more of an IC problem than an OOC one. Either I'd give him a friendly in-character warning to watch himself, be careful and try not to be arrested, maybe I'd send an anonymous call to the cops from a concerned citizen on the sidewalk if it's really careless behaviour or I'd try to give him something else to do.
    All depends on the character and the in-character interactions at that point. Honestly, I don't feel it's a major issue unless it negatively affects his roleplay with other players.

    I'd then watch him a little here and there and see if he's doing good or if I'd need to have a chat with him federally.

    Situations pt. 2
    ▸As a Game Moderators we often drive our FBI car to the scene of the incident/player in question, can you give a few reasons why you think we do this?

    To not break peoples immersion both when rolling up and when people have to discuss dealing with things "federally"
    It also shows that there's currently something not entirely in-character going on to make sure people don't interrupt or go there risking the loss of their immersion or simply interfering.

    Final Few
    ▸A ban you placed gets appealed, you believe the ban is justified and should remain permanent but the player is given a second chance. How would you react?

    I generally don't feel like permanent bans are necessary except for extreme circumstance. I'm all for second and third chances. Sometimes all you need is to be shown that there will be actual and severe consequences for ones actions to change. Sometimes all you need is some time to reflect.

    But say I did completely disagree with the situation, I'd simply approach the people that lifted it, ask for their opinion and reasoning and explain the factors behind my decision. In the end, if I feel so strongly about someone else being permanently banned (that i want to question his or hers second chance that is) from the community then I don't feel like I should be the person ultimately making that decision at that time.

    ▸You are in an RP situation with a serious lack of RP and minor character breaks, there are 3 players involved all right there with you, what would you do?

    I would try to push the roleplay in a direction that would lead to more direct involvement, try to subtly encourage more and better interactions. I'd also PM the people breaking character with a short message to keep in character. If they keep going and I feel I have to tell them OOC I'd again, PM them asking/informing about pulling them aside and have a conversation regarding staying in character, immerson etc.

    In the end though, these situations are organic and would have to be approached differently at times.
  2. skrub

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    Nov 12, 2017
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    Although i enjoy roleplaying with you. im going to have to decline if you want to talk about it feel free to inbox me and i can give you a in-depth reason
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