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Court Case - Verdict Found San Andreas V Joey Chinka

Discussion in 'Court Proceedings - Archive' started by BREEZIN, Jan 21, 2020.


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    Arraigned By: Casey Davis
    Prosecutor: TBD
    Case number: 6089
    Charges: (Code & written)
    C3002 - Criminal Conspiracy to commit Aggravated Assault on a Government Official

    Defendant: Joey Chinka

    Defense Attorney: TBD

    Arresting (Charging Agency) Officer: BCSO, Sheriff, Davis, Casey

    Officer(s) Involved: K. Ormond / W. Danger

    Witnesses: Unknown

    Evidence: 1x Pistol, 1x Pistol .50, 121x Magazines, and Undercover Officer Bodycam

    Incident Summary:
    (((PLEAD NOT GUILTY))) While undercover on 1/21/2020 Corporal Ormond at Legion Square garage heard an individual offering $10,000 for Sheriff Davis to multiple individuals. Sheriff Davis responded and placed the man in custody. Individual was identified as Joey Chinka. Mr. Chinka was then transported to Mission Row where he was charged and plead NOT GUILTY to C3002. Mr. Chinka was sentenced to 60 months in Bolingbroke with a fine of $15,000.
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    I find there to be sufficient and probable cause in allowing this case to proceed.
    Trial begins on the 23rd day of January at 1200 hours
    Trial ends on 30th day of January at 1200 hours
    The Trial will last 7 days

    Judge Aaron Atkins

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