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Samuel Pandol - (Character Introduction)

Discussion in 'Citizen Introductions' started by alejandro 2, Jan 3, 2020.

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    Samuel Pandol , later on known to his close friends as "Sammy" , was born in 15th October 1998 , in a black neighbourhood in Port-au-Prince , Haiti. His father was a priest at the local church , while his mother was a house-wife. Despite the fact that his father was well-known and respected by both the authorities & the local community , there was a local militia established in the country by Papa Doc Duvalier , ever since 1957. This militia was tasked to "asasinate" all the children who happened to be of black descendance , which made young Samuel a target as well. Although his father claimed publicly several times that he had no son , there were very often the times when young Samuel had to grow up in the basement of the family home , while her mother was making sure the kid wouldn't starve or die thirsty and made sure he was well raised and well hidden from the local police as well. This made Sammy grow up having a little bit of hatred for the authorities , due to this tough upbringing. Later on , as he started turning 18 , he started to join his father's secret business , which happened to be manufacturing and local distribution of weed , as well the sale of it , which could became possible through the service for God (as weed could be sold for sanctimonious purposes) that both Sammy and his father were doing. Not only that they helped the local community through this , but when times became tougher and tougher for the black folks , Sammy and his father ended up smuggling people overseas to Vice City , so that the people could be safer there. Once things started to calm down and once his father could start handling all these smuggling jobs alone , Sammy got to stay in Vice City as an immigrant and started working for Auntie Poulet and her gang made of Haitian immigrants that Sammy brought. Once he started having a lot of heat on him , Sammy decided to apply for American citizenship and moved all the way up to Los Santos , where he ended up joining the Davis Neighbourhood Gangsta Families Set and started a new hobby of his , which was riding a BMX and doing tricks with it at local skateboard parks.

    Likes: weed , doing tricks with his BMX (which he seeks turning it into something mainstream) , hanging out at different bars and nightclubs , getting drunk , guns.
    Dislikes: Cops (which started to grow at high rates) , purple & yellow colors , racist people , stereotypes
    Positive: Loyal , likes to be a man of the people , smart & crazy ideas , tries to be kind whenever he sees someone inocent in trouble
    Negative: blood-thirsty sometimes , a little bit clumsy , tends to get drunk a lot, has a weed addiction
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