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Phoenix - Administrator Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Phoenix, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Nov 27, 2019
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    Getting to know you

    Steam Name: Phoenix

    RP Characters: Ashley Cooper, Alexandria Rhodes

    Your Age(Min 18): 22

    How long have you been a member of Greenleaf? 2 years

    Are you currently a Staff member in any capacity? No

    In a minimum of 50 words, tell us about yourself:

    I am a small town girl from south Texas and I like it that way. I have always loved RolePlay from the second I was introduced to it. I am a Correctional Officer in real life and I love my job but I am not looking to make that my career. I am either going to go the criminal justice route and become a police officer then game warden or go to the medical field and become an athletic trainer. I am somewhat of a nerd but not the biggest one among my friends. I keep my circle of friends small but I love my big family, especially my gaming family that I have gotten over the years.

    What made you decide to apply to join the Moderator team?

    I decided to apply cause I have always been one that likes to help where I see it is needed. I like to help new people and assist where I can, unfortunately you can only help so much when you are just a regular civilian. I want to be able to help those that need it in the highest capacity that I can and I believe that this is the best way for me to do that.

    In your own words what are the responsibilities associated with being a Game Moderator?

    The responsibilities that are associated with being a Game Moderator are simple. You enforce the rules of the server using the warn, kick, and ban system in place. A Game Moderator is also a guide for new players in helping them and welcoming them to the server as well as an assistant to the community in helping with reports and issues that may arise in game play. They can also be the ones that can help with heated moments between parties, making sure both understand where each is wrong in what was done and what needs to be corrected for next time if the situation doesn't warrant any action or limited action. A Game Moderator also answers to the Server Owner as well as those above them.

    Do you have any specific skills or past experience that you could bring to the Moderator Team?

    I have been a Game Moderator before and understand the responsibilities and consequences that can come if you abuse your power. I am able to keep calm in heated situations and am reasonable when it comes to having to make any decisions that can hurt someone in terms of their player record on the server. I am always willing to listen to all sides before issuing out anything and make sure everyone knows what they need to know, not what they have to know.

    What makes you a better applicant than others?

    I have never like this question, but what makes me better is that I do have a bit of experience in this and I understand what it takes to be a Game Moderator and to keep it. I am always willing to help others and stop my RolePlay to help, I am always here when I am needed when I can be or course, and I am on when there are few or no Game Moderators on due to my sleep schedule. I will also never leave here as this has been my home for 2 years and counting.

    How willing are you to help others over playing the game?

    Very willing. I will stop my RolePlay or get it to a stopping point to where I can go help someone if they need it. If I can handle it via the report system, I will try. If I can't handle it or am unsure of how to handle it, I will get someone that is higher than me or contact someone who might know the answer.

    How do you handle stressful situations?

    I sit there and listen. I don't react to people when they are heated, that's what they want you to do. They want you to blow up so they can take you down with them. I handle stressful situations in an analytical manner. I address the worst one first and then go to the most mild. The situations that are the most mild I check in on as I handle the worst ones to see if they still need help or they are all fine. If I know I can't handle it alone then I ask for some help from a more experienced staff member or just take it as it comes and make sure that I handle it like I have been taught.


    ➼Situations 1 & 2 must be answered with a minimum of 100 words, Situation 3 must be answered with a minimum of 50 words, please explain why you made the choice you did.

    ▸You are involved in an RP situation with an obviously new player who goes out of character by saying "I'm new to this server what button do I press?" What would you do?

    You tell them that I am not sure what a server is or what you are referring to when you say buttons, but if you mean the city and what muscles you flex to control things then it's this muscle that does this and this one that does that and so on. If they keep taking it out of character then you can utilize the OOC chat in game and let them know that they can't be talking OOC and briefly explain to them in the OOC chat what they need to do. If they continue, pull them aside away from people and then talk to them as a Game Moderator and let them know who you are, what is going on, and then help them get their bearings and explain to them what they need to do to be able to effective and correctly RolePlay in the server without any more character breaks. Also make sure while you have them pulled aside that they have read the rules of the server and understand them ans answer any questions they might have about them.

    ▸You are spectating an RP situation between Police and criminals when you notice a player going out of character and generally not role playing very well. What would you do?

    Let the situation play out until the very end. Don't get involved unless it gets to the point where you have to get involved. Watch the situation, make note of the things that are happening on both sides and wait. Once the situation and either ended to just gotten to the point of where there is no point for you to keep watching then go ahead and talk to both sides, get information on what went down and the perspectives from the main parties involved. Make sure the criminals understand the rules of the game in both server and criminal ways. Ensure that they know that they can't be going out of character like that again and that they know that going out of character after being advised isn't going to end well depending on what Game Moderator they deal with if they do it again. Also follow up with ensuring they know the rules of the server and understand them, answering any questions they might have

    ▸You are spectating a new player and he is attempting to steal cars from locals as well as beating one or two up along the way. What would you do and why?

    Watch the player, if he keeps doing it then stop and intervene and if not, then still let them know that they can't be doing that as we have to treat locals as if they were actual players as well. If they were to keep doing it, I would tell them the above and then ensure they understand the reasoning behind it. I would help them out as well if they needed, like getting their character fixed or getting their license so they can drive. I would make sure they knew and understand the server rules and also know what key binds to use to work the main functions of our server. I would answer any questions they have and then go back to what I was doing.

    Situations pt. 2

    ▸As a Game Moderators we often drive our FBI car to the scene of the incident/player in question, can you give a few reasons why you think we do this?

    This is to help set the idea of who we are and what we are there for. We do this so other players simply know that we are there to handle a situation as the "Federals" of the game, also tying it to the lore of GTA V as well but making it our own at the same time. This give players an indicator, or an out, that if they aren't directly involved with the Role Play that caused us to be there, then they can leave so we can handle the situation appropriately and professionally.

    Final Few

    ▸A ban you placed gets appealed, you believe the ban is justified and should remain permanent but the player is given a second chance. How would you react?

    That is up to the person that is deciding the case. I may believe that it was justified but someone else thought that they should be given a second chance. I am the accuser, not the jury. I would still watch the person to make sure it won't happen again but with an open mind and open ears. I would help the player where needed and ensure they have a good time on the server while still following all rules.

    ▸You are in an RP situation with a serious lack of RP and minor character breaks, there are 3 players involved all right there with you, what would you do?

    Let the situation keep going, tell them in character that you don't understand what kind of vocabulary/language they are using and then help them correct it by replacing out of character terms with in character terms. If it continues then I would type to them in OOC chat and let them know to make sure they keep it all in character and if it still continues I would ask each one of them to come with me off to the side and let them know in an out of character manner that they can't be talking like that and to make sure they understand how to keep things in character, maybe even give them a few tips and then help them along their way.
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    Thanks for your interest in being a part of our team! What times/days are you typically available? Please include the timezone. :)
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    Nov 27, 2019
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    I am available tonight and the next two days, then after the first I am available again. I am typically online around 5 pm CST til around 6-7 am CST. If you need anymore information let me know.

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