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New to RP in general. Any help is appreciated.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CloudCrew1992, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Feb 12, 2020
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    Hello guys! I am looking into joining the RP community more specifically as a cop. I have no idea how to actual accomplish this.

    Last night I joined the server and created my char. Thinking im gonna be a cop, i put on a police uniform and started walking to the job place. I was only ingame like 2 mins and was being arrested and pull off screen by one of the admins i think. (very chill dude) He was asking my why i was wearing the uniform and I told him i was trying to be a cop and he gave me a bit of info like how I gotta be in the server a week, apply to be a cop, academy, etc... This is all cool for an immersive standpoint but very daunting also for a complete noob like myself.

    Let's say I do the week and then apply. Is it for certain i can then RP as a cop or could they reject it and say I can't be one? I like the realism but i also work 40+ hours a week like i'm sure most of you folks do and may only have an hour or 2 after I get off work and I don't wanna spend all this time trying to be a cop and then be told I just wasted all my time. If thats the case, then i'd prob opt to a more new person friendly server that will allow me to RP as a cop right away or at least allow me to work to become one. The guy i talked to last night was laid back, but also seemed like being a cop is not an easy thing to do on this server. I'm open to learning and working up, but if it can all be for nothing then i may need to reconsider.

    Any info on the aspect of RP as a cop would be much appreciated. I have no knowledge of RP or the ins and outs.

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