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Denied Miinion - Administrator Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Miinion, Jul 17, 2019.

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  1. Miinion

    Miinion Member Criminal

    Mar 22, 2019
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    Getting to know you

    Steam Name: Miiniionx

    RP Characters: Kenzi Lyn

    Your Age(Min 18): 25

    How long have you been a member of Greenleaf?

    I have been apart of Greenleaf since March 2019

    Are you currently a Staff member in any capacity?


    In a minimum of 50 words, tell us about yourself:

    I am from the East Coast USA I have 2 cats and 1 angel cat. I’m major cat lover and been to college for veterinarian assistance and loved every moment of it. I been Online Gamer since 2004 offline gamer since 1996. When not gaming I love to read books and spending time with family. I am learning disabled though you wouldn’t know as well as laundry list of medical problems. I love gaming and learning about new things every day.

    What made you decide to apply to join the Moderator team?

    I am applying because I love to help people. I know a lot about the game and I feel that what you know others might not know and visa versa. I feel working as a team you experience more and learn new things every day. I’m very friendly and know what is expected of me as well as attitude towards people and how to handle situations that may arise.

    In your own words what are the responsibilities associated with being a Game Moderator?

    In my own words responsibilities being a Game Moderator is being there to help others that need assistance. You need to have knowledge of what your talking about when helping as well as understanding of game mechanics. Your focus as a Game Moderator Game and making sure everything and everyone gets along and deal with any issues that may happen. You also got to understand not every situation the same or maybe dealt with the same.

    Do you have any specific skills or past experience that you could bring to the Moderator Team?

    In RevolutionRP I was staff member bringing in new people and setting them up, and approving their profile and game permissions. I been apart of many communities and positions that I’ve learned how to be patient and understanding of each issue that arose during my time within communities.

    What makes you a better applicant than others?

    To me there’s no applicant better than the others, just knowledge is key and understanding the mechanics and problems that people may have. If I had to say what makes a better applicant is the fact that they listen and are friendly to those they are helping and willing to do what they need to help others.

    How willing are you to help others over playing the game?

    I’m more than willing to dedicate time and efforts to help others over the game. I am dedicated in helping to find a solution to any situation that people come to me with and even if I don’t know the answer I’d be honest and try myself to figure out a solution to the issue and get back to them ASAP.

    How do you handle stressful situations?

    From experience I can say it sometimes depends on the kind of situation that arises. If it’s dire situation then i work through it and focus one part of it at a time then within reasonable time frame come up with a solution. If it easy but still stressing situation then focus on important things then work my way up to little details on the solution given. I handle stress quite well though depending on certain circumstances I may get overwhelmed but I try not to get it to show and focus on the person they are important not me.


    ➼Situations 1 & 2 must be answered with a minimum of 100 words, Situation 3 must be answered with a minimum of 50 words, please explain why you made the choice you did.

    ▸You are involved in an RP situation with an obviously new player who goes out of character by saying "I'm new to this server what button do I press?" What would you do?

    What I would do: If a new person goes ooc asking about a certain button for a animation or how to eat etc I would be acting confused in character but would /ooc them asking what the issue was or bring them to the side and ask what the issue was and go from there after the scenario was over. I’d also refer them to new player guide explaining that they can find out all the information about keys and rules are there and that they have any further issues that I’d be more than willing to help them further. Everyone deserves a chance to learn how to Roleplay.

    ▸You are spectating an RP situation between Police and criminals when you notice a player going out of character and generally not role playing very well. What would you do?

    What I would do: If there was a person that was going ooc and wasn’t doing well with the situation with the police I’d spectate them until it’s over then pull them aside tell them that they must follow the rules and even if it’s not going their way to still Roleplay it out and deal with it afterwards. I’d give them the directions to take action if they would like to file complaint or see what I can do to help. Everyone has different style of Roleplay and deserves a second chance at redeeming themselves. They may also not know how to react or deal with situations so I’d help them understand and figure things out so Roleplay is enjoyable for both sides.

    ▸You are spectating a new player and he is attempting to steal cars from locals as well as beating one or two up along the way. What would you do and why?

    What I would do: I would go invisible and teleport near the player but not on them, and send out an anonymous 911 call to the police so that they can investigate the scene.

    Why I would do this: I’d call the police anonymously because it will give some Roleplay to the cops, EMS, and civilians. In real life you’d have a good chance getting caught stealing a car as well as beating someone up you never know who would be watching. All cars have alarms it make sense if someone heard car alarm to investigate and seeing someone get punched as well would call 911 to report the incident.

    Situations pt. 2

    ▸As a Game Moderators we often drive our FBI car to the scene of the incident/player in question, can you give a few reasons why you think we do this?

    Few reasons why I’d see Game Moderators drive up to scenes/ person in question with FBI Car is to show force of escalation and so they know they probably did something very wrong if feds had to be called in. Also I can see this being done because of Roleplay, we want to keep everything IC as possible to not ruin emersion it would look better bringing in a car instead of just appearing out of thin air.

    Final Few

    ▸A ban you placed gets appealed, you believe the ban is justified and should remain permanent but the player is given a second chance. How would you react?

    I like to give people second chances even if it gets appealed though I feel that it’s justified and remain permanent. Everyone should have a 2nd chance at redeeming themselves and if they are agreeing that they will abide by the rules and regulations given and they are sorry for breaking them the first time I have no issue.

    ▸You are in an RP situation with a serious lack of RP and minor character breaks, there are 3 players involved all right there with you, what would you do?

    If I was in a rp situation where 3 people aren’t roleplaying well and going ooc I’d continue best I could with the situation and after the fact bring them aside and tell them to re look at the rules and that no matter the situation should stay IC and speak to them after the scene if didn’t go their way or Roleplay was sub par. Nothing goes according to plan but keeping character and trying is key to everyone learning.
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  2. blOOdAnGeLz

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    Amazing rper, active +1
  3. danstaa

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    Throws legos everywhere. -1 from me.. :D

    I kid.. +1
  4. Alex

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    Nov 12, 2017
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    Seconded. Fuckin legos man. Those hurt when you step on them! -1

    Great person, active, and good RP'er +2

    so....I guess.....+1 overall :D

    fuckin legos.
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    o_O who dis?
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