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Kane "The Executioner" Valentine

Discussion in 'Citizen Introductions' started by Back From The Dead, Oct 31, 2019.

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    "We use red because it's like a river a river of blood I'm gonna let run let it run."

    Kane Valentine CEO of The Valentine Entertainment Corporation descended from a long line of criminals. His Grandfather originally started the company which was meant to be passed down to Kane's father but his father was abusive and a drunk. When Kane was 10 he caught his father beating his mother and he had shot his father killing him but his father had already beaten his mother to death. Kane was orphaned and he was forced to grow up on his own where he began learning how life worked and how loyalty meant almost nothing anymore. Eventually Kane's Grandpa Abel Valentine had come across him and adopted Kane as his own and starting teaching him the ropes and eventually Kane delve deep in the criminal underground forming a group called The Black Suit Syndicate an organization of like minded people who put loyalty first. This group with, Kane leading them, use the company as a front and operate out of many night club chains in the city that the corporation owns. Recently Kane moved to a new city to build his empire from the ground up to improve where he has slightly faltered in previous attempts always fine tuning simple aspects of The Syndicate. Kane is a broken individual where morals have been tossed out of the window. His lover was killed because of his mistakes and everyday he lives with the trauma of his mistakes. Although Kane may be mentally broken it makes him an even stronger and ruthless leader as the only person he is still truly attached to is his brother John Valentine who has stuck with him through the ups and downs of BSS. Now the Valentines are back and they are ready to stake their Claim of the city with the help of a strange Irish woman Kane met at a pier who's ambitions reach just as high as his own now he just has to show them what The Black Suit Syndicate can do as one strong organization.

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