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Eddy F.

Discussion in 'Citizen Introductions' started by Tommy, Jun 19, 2019.

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    May 10, 2019
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    What can I say about myself? *slight grumble.
    A well on his way, middle-aged man of the world. In my prime.
    My wife passed away by a petanque accident,
    first reported mortal petanque accident in history.

    I tend to fly Ophelia's remains over to any place I live, it's a symbolic thing.

    Like to connect with people.
    We all survive in this world and we all should shine as the stars we are.
    See opportunity in everything. And go for it.

    I have made my fortune selling toilet paper, Royal Flush. The paper for kings and beggars. Maybe you heard of it? It's amazing.
    Dropped toilet paper in war zones, delivered shipments to heads of state.
    The point is I have been around.

    Do not own a gun, do not rob people or banks, do not kidnap or use violence.
    I use my brain and the city as a beacon of opportunity.
    Tend to have permits and licences for everything. And I love running a business.

    Took a crew under my wing in another city, running a scrapyard as my retirement plan. Victor, a mechanical wizard. Anya, an acquirer with exceptional skill. Coolie, our champ. A Lawyer office on retainer for the paper work. An accountant for the books.
    I like to involve others. But there is a whole family of people that seem to have settled here, so I will feel right at home.

    So this is a bit about me and some people i care about.
    We like to look at ourselves as city care takers, keeping the city clean is a full time job.
    So chances are we will bump into each other. GreenField.. remember that name.

    article 5b regarding garbage collecting state that I shouldn't go through your trash.
    but you can tell a lot about a person by just looking at their garbage.
    Maybe it's good to remember that too.

    Cheers. Eddy.
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