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Cole Moose - BSCO Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Cole Moose, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Cole Moose

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    Dec 20, 2017
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    (My apologies for my previous application. I was rushed at the end of the evening trying to get it posted before going to bed and did not proof it as I should've. I hope the revised version is acceptable and I look forward to hearing back!)

    Applicant's Full Name: Cole Moose

    Steam Name: C. Moose

    Discord Email: [email protected]

    Date of Birth: 03/17/1993

    Gender: Male

    Do you have a microphone? Yes

    What time zone are you in? EST

    How long have you been a member of Greenleaf Gaming? I originally join GLG and the BSCO in early 2018, but due to my computer specs at the time, I wasn't able to confidently complete my ride along time.

    Have you read the Blaine County Sheriff's Office Standard Operating Procedure? Yes

    Tell a bit about yourself. (200 words minimum) My name is Cole, or as I role play, Cole Moose. I am 16 years old and have been role playing through Arma Life servers mostly back during their hayday. During that time I spent many months helping build a "hardcore" role play community as the Director of Social Media. After a difference of opinion between the higher up staff and the owners, I left to keep my enjoyment of the Arma Life community what it had been for years. Since then I have attempted to delve into GTA role play, as the ability to customize and tailor the "Cops vs Robbers" aspect (and adding in the community interaction) appeal greatly to me. During my time discovering FiveM and what GTA Role play had to offer, I had found Greenleaf Gaming. I was instantly intrigued by the realistic and serious role play that occoured, especially around the law enforcement side of things. Unfortunately due to my limitations at the time in regards to computing hardware, I was unable to finish my ride along period to become a full Deputy within the Blaine County Sheriffs Office. Recently I was able to upgrade to more up to date hardware, and finally feel that I am able to fulfill my duty to a Blaine County Sheriff's Deputy.

    Why did you choose the Blaine County Sheriffs Office? (300 words minimum): I chose the Blaine County Sheriff's Office for multiple reasons, but the main draw for me to the Sheriff's Office is the wide range of incidents that Sheriffs deal with versus a normal city beat cop. I have spent a large amount of time as a city cop both in different cities, and different worlds. The variety of terrain and locale that is encountered as a Sheriff unit requires constant training and adaptation to be able to properly assist and protect the public as we interact with them. Another draw of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office is the interaction that occurs with other departments. Interdepartmental cooperation is what allows a law enforcement organization to extend above and beyond when assisting its constituents. My previous time working with the Liberty City Emergency Medical Service as well as the Liberty City Fire Department could be invaluable as a Sheriff Deputy. The ability to assess a patient and inform the medical services of what is going on before the reach the scene is a tremendous assistance to getting the patient the treatment they need as soon as possible. Or to able to inform dispatch of what fire apparatus would be needed should I be the first unit on scene. In addition to the previous knowledge that I possess about emergency services, I look forward most to continuing my education. In the field of being a first responder, continuing education is an absolute must to be able continue to assist the general public in the most profession and efficient manner possible. All of my time working as a Firefighter and EMT in the past has been to work closely with those who I have looked up to most since I was a boy, the police. I hope to now finally be able to fulfill that life long dream and join the brothers in Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

    Do you have any experience in law enforcement? Beyond my experience at listed below working with police services as a volunteer EMT and Firefighter, and my time spent trainging for the BSCO in the past, no.

    In your own words, what does the BCSO do? (50 words minimum): The Blaine County Sheriffs Office deals with many varying types of issues, as an Sheriffs Office would. In addition to the typical local law enforcement and patrolling, a Sheriffs office will complete welfare checks, enforcement of court orders, and most importantly the professional and friendly interaction with the local populace to ensure a healthy and safe interaction between the general population and local law enforcement.

    Do you have any skills that can be useful in the BCSO? (50 words minimum): During my years playing roleplay games, I have held many different positions and ranks throughout a community or department. Including being a lead admin in a popular and successful Arma 3 community. The skills and knowledge that I learned during that time would be applicable to my duties as a Sheriff's Deputy. Those skills mainly including the ability to calmly and professional deal with a situation, while at the same time being able to discern when the situation may need to be escalated.
  2. Daniel Hunter

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    Dec 28, 2019
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    Thanks for your interest in the BCSO and taking the time to polish up your application. We'd like to set up a time for interview with you.

    I will be available for interviews from 3pm EST today into the night. You can drop into our TeamSpeak and message me or wait in the 'Waiting for Interview' channel.

    If today doesn't work for you let us know your availability and we'll set something up.

    Cpt. D. Hunter
  3. Wobble

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    Sep 23, 2019
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