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Declined BCSO Application - Korte McAlphin

Discussion in 'Declined' started by Korte, Jul 13, 2019.

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    Jul 12, 2019
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    Applicant's Name:Korte McAlphin

    Steam Name: Korte

    Discord Email: Korte#3151

    Date of Birth: 06/15/1990

    Gender: N/A

    Do you have a microphone? Yes

    What time zone are you in? EST

    How long have you been a member of GreenLeaf Gaming? 1 month, just signed up

    Have you read the Blaine County Sheriff's Office Standard Operating Procedure? Yes

    Tell a bit about yourself. (200 words minimum)

    Korte McAlphin was born June 15, 1990 in the small town of Starke, Florida. He was born into a family of officers dating back to his great grandfather, William Alphin who served in the Boston Police service. Korte's childhood was revolved around the stories of arresting criminals and protecting the community. Korte's entire family has revolved around the idea of serving the community they live in with the greatest standards, holding people accountable for their actions, and protecting the people from harm at all costs. Bill William McAlphin gave his life to protect a General Store from a thief in 1922, due to a robber’s itchy trigger finger. Korte's father has retired from the Sheriffs office and encourages Korte to apply and follow in his family’s footsteps. In search for a new beginning and career, Korte is informed of a position opening the BCSO from his nephew currently living in Los Santos. Korte moves to Los Santos in hopes of impressing his father and becoming a servant of the law. With his learning experience from a family of officers and a prior career in private security, he believes he has what it takes to perform the duties of a Sheriff and strive to strengthen the community.

    Why did you choose the Blaine County Sheriffs Office? (300 words minimum)

    I’ve chosen the Blane County Sheriffs office because I believe I have the experience and expertise to represent BSCO with a high standard and greatest level of commitment possible. I have had prior experience in the Los Santos Police department in a different city, as a Patrol officer (3 ranks above cadet). I have had been in attendance to many police training courses (LSPD), through crowd control, proper handling of negotiations, mastering driving courses, investigation skills, etc. I’m proficient in 10 codes and have been able to adapt to situations. I have worked closely with FTOs on training, sometimes providing assistance in the training. I’ve had experience in training new Cadets through ride-along, showing proper police duties and actions. Being from Starke, Florida, I’ve always enjoyed the county and the wild life. I have grown up in small towns with familiar faces. People from the country genuinely require a unique style of “policing” than city-folk because of their diverse backgrounds. I can relate to a lot of people in the country who are attempting to live a nice, quiet life with minimal disturbances. I also have developed a sense of pride for helping people from the country. Korte's father used to take him out on ride along to the back woods, finding drunk men with rifles shooting squirrels off the trees. Being careful was one thing I’ve developed in my times working with my father, as one wrong move can lead someone to do unthinkable things. Being calm in situations and defusing them quickly is a key skill. Korte has also chosen a house to live in the Paleto district from its comforting scenery and location the BSCO office. From the brief time that Korte has lived in Paleto, it has appeared to be a peaceful, industrious town with many travelers that ride through.

    Do you have any experiences in law enforcement?

    I have served as an LSPD in total for about 4 months becoming a Police Patrol officer. I had to briefly retire due to a change in living location and other circumstances. I am proficient in 10 codes, and have approximately 20+ hours in training time to prefect my skills as a LEO. I’m now searching for a different “scenery” than the city, so I applied for the BSCO.

    In your own words, what does the BCSO do? (50 words minimum)

    The Blaine County Sheriffs office is the example when it comes to proper police work. They set examples for the community, as well as other officers in the LSPD to follow. They enforce the laws and codes that Blaine County sets and resolves situations that occur. They protect and serve the people of Blaine county, with the greatest intentions possible, and offer assistance whenever possible.

    Do you have any skills that can be useful in the BCSO? (50 words minimum)

    I have countless hours as a LEO in other cities, have taken (real life) courses in college on public speaking and society problems. I have also attended a lot of training courses provided by my previous city. I enjoy helping people in my community and will do anything to help anyone to complete their goal.

    By submitting this application, you are releasing all above information to the Blaine County Sheriffs Office and its connected affiliates for the use of employment. You understand that submitting this application does not guarantee employment and can be declined or terminated at the sole discretion of the leadership within the department. You also understand that by submitting this application that your name will be ran through the in-game criminal database to verify your background information. Your employment with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office can be terminated by the department or yourself at any time with or without reason or notification. Please be sure to review your above questions before submitting to clear any typos, misprints, grammatical errors, and that the above statements are truthful and submitted solely by you, the applicant.

    If you agree to all of the above terms and have reviewed your application then please print your first and last name below before submitting.

    Korte McAlphin

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