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Automobil Zeitschrift - Issue 6 [10/15/19]

Discussion in 'Weasel News Channel' started by Uri Petrov, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Uri Petrov

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    May 16, 2018
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    Sport Sedan: The direct result of the following conversation.
    "Honey, you can't buy a sports car! We have to use it!"
    "Uh, how about a Chevy four door sedan?"
    This car has 415 HP from the factory, and does 0-60 4.5 seconds, and the reason it doesn't look like a Chevy is because it's a rebadged Holden Commodore.
    And that's the only reason I like this car. Why am I talking about this car? Well, we have a domestic Holden Commodore here. It's called the:

    You see the similarities? Practically the same thing!

    Okay, they're a different model, from a different year.
    But the Chevy SS? Rebadged Holden. Okay? Okay.

    When people hear the name "Cheval Fugitive", they think of the following.

    - The car that was almost the San Andreas police car, but got slammed by a police package Ford Taurus, and shortly after a import Dodge Charger. I still prefer this over all of them.
    - "Ohhh, that car! The Chevy based car, right?"
    - "Ohhh, that car. Uh, it's based on a Holden, right?"
    - "Why does this car act like a Maserati?"
    - The car you baaareely miss in the opposite lane of traffic, seen for half a second-as you slam into the...eugh....Fusilade.
    - The only Aussie car in San Andreas, and in typical Australian fashion-high power is available where it shouldn't be.
    - Uri's first car in the city. Good to know someone actually gives enough of a shit about me to know this, but at the same time; please stop stalking me. I do own a firearm, and I practice castle laws.

    So what is the Fugitive?
    Four doors? Yes, yes it does.
    Tow Hitch? In the middle of the outback, someone's probably got theirs hooked up to the gas tank, so...where it's upside down, yes.
    Is it sporty, and responsive, like the Sultan?
    Is it highly customizable, like the Sultan?
    Does it sound better than the Sultan?
    Can it go faster than the Sultan?
    If x*[sultan proficiency] = y , what is y when x = [fugitive]?

    No, no, no, yes, depends, probablyish, in that order.

    The Fugitive is a highway cruiser.
    For 25k, a very good highway cruiser. It tops out at around 205 upgraded(note: long ass line you'll be driving to get here), and hits 85-ish mp/h in 3rd gear.
    It's also a good daily- 4 doors allow you to carry you, your friend, your friend's dog that they insist needs a seat to themselves, your dog-phobic other friend, and your friend in the trunk that's pissed they had to give up their seat to a dog, but the only one batshit insane enough to sit in the trunk with the roads in American Suburbia.

    So, highly customizable. It isn't that.
    This vehicle has not a single cosmetic modification except for wheels and glass. In fact, you can't even change the suspension.
    No, I'm not kidding. The vehicle isn't a tuner vehicle in Australia, and there's no reason it should be in the US. However, an interesting little feature is that because of the DOT requirements on crash tests, the panels have been slightly modified, and don't line up perfectly in two areas. Where? I'm not saying, because you probably don't care about the car enough to notice.

    Can it go faster than the Sultan? Uh, actually, I might've lied there. I'm not entirely sure, I don't own one. I think they hit 220 but the rice burning catalyst chamber has its apex seals leak fuel and blow up...? Fugitive, on the other hand? Perfectly fine. It was A-OK from the start to be going that speed, and sort of gives you the look of "Come on, I know I can go faster. Just give me more track-I'm serious, sir. Let me go at them, sir. I won't disappoint the bloodline, sir." This car also casually refers to everyone as sir regardless of social status, or gender, and constantly points out how they're distantly related to British Royalty.

    Remember when I said someone would say "This car acts like a Maserati?" Well, if you listen to the engine sound, you're reminded that this car is not some economy car. It sounds, really, like some 2012 muscle car(I'm not entirely sure). But it's a four door...so I guess it's like a Dodge Charger? And it's about the same price as a used Maserati- 25,000.
    The engine sound really does help with daily driving. It makes you think you have power when you really, really don't.

    The handling is ok. It's just OK. It's not outstanding, it's not horrible, it's a real middle of the road sort of deal.

    And that's what the Fugitive is.

    A middle of the road sort of deal.

    Be sure to voice your opinion in comments! It really does motivate me to do more of this work.
    Want me to rip apart your car's every small problem? Contact me on email @ [Uri#3912]. I still do write ups, too!

    *files got corrupted, and I lost my original photo of my fugitive.

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