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Denied alion94 - Administrator Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by alion94, Dec 3, 2019.

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  1. alion94

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    Nov 5, 2019
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    Title: "Your Forum Name - Administrator Application"
    Post your completed application here.

    Getting to know you
    Steam Name:


    RP Characters:

    Sean White (BCSO Prob. Deputy), Jay White

    Your Age(Min 18):


    How long have you been a member of Greenleaf?

    3 weeks

    Are you currently a Staff member in any capacity?


    In a minimum of 50 words, tell us about yourself:

    I am a 27 year old male from the west coast (US). I am currently an active police officer with the following certifications: FTO (Field Training Officer, Dual Sport Motor, Drug Recognition, and riot/less lethal munitions). I have been playing video games since I was about eight (8) years of age. I was introduced to FiveM approximately 6 months ago and was apart of Badlands RP prior to joining GreenLeafRP. I came over after the mass exit from badlands (city shutting down) to have a fresh start and meet new people.

    What made you decide to apply to join the Moderator team?

    Well, by trade (RL) I am sworn to protect life and property. Due to this, my personality is driven to help player, new or old, and enforce laws govern by GreenLeafRP. Since coming to GreenLeafRP, I've enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people and create good interactions with those individuals and the community.

    In your own words what are the responsibilities associated with being a Game Moderator?

    I believe that being a, "Game Moderator" is to make sure players are following the standards of roleplay to the highest of their ability. Also, they are chosen to enforce rules setforth by GreenLeaf management and to take action on those players who are being disruptive, disrespectful (OOC), and inflammatory. "Game Moderators" also provide a safety net for them to feel safe while playing a game (protect from OOC bullying, etc...).

    Do you have any specific skills or past experience that you could bring to the Moderator Team?

    No, BUT, I believe that this is a good thing. You cant teach a old dog new tricks.

    What makes you a better applicant than others?

    I believe that my law enforcement experience combined with my gaming experience provides the basis for a good moderator. My law enforcement sides proves that I enjoy helping others and enforcing laws, even if I don't agree with some. As for my gaming experience, I know what trolls, grievers, and cheaters look like and act like.

    How willing are you to help others over playing the game?

    Anyway I possibly can. I believe that if I help people, the RP experience is better for myself and others.

    How do you handle stressful situations?

    With my experience in law enforcement, I can handle stressful situations. If I don't know something, I will find out. I will not lie to someone to in order to maintain pride.

    ➼Situations 1 & 2 must be answered with a minimum of 100 words, Situation 3 must be answered with a minimum of 50 words, please explain why you made the choice you did.

    ▸You are involved in an RP situation with an obviously new player who goes out of character by saying "I'm new to this server what button do I press?" What would you do?

    I believe this is a teaching moment. I will attempt to RP the situation out and explain the, "buttons" as muscles. For example: If the player says, "What button do I press to start my engine?" I will say, "You mean muscle? Get in your car and flex your two (2) muscle. It will take a few seconds to turn the engine over." Once the situation is over, I will ask him if he has ANYMORE questions. I will then ask him if he wants to take down my number if he needs help with anything in the future. This will show the player that moderators are here to help and create a better experience for players around the community.

    ▸You are spectating an RP situation between Police and criminals when you notice a player going out of character and generally not role playing very well. What would you do?

    I would allow the roleplay to play out and make contact with the subject after. After the situation is over, I'd inform the subject that I am with Federal and begin to counsel them. I would advise the subject not to go out of character under any circumstances while in a situation. I will stress the importance of roleplay, GreenLeafs moto "highest level of roleplay," and not ruining situations for others out of a personal grudge. If the OOC was regarding a complaint, I will give that subject all the necessary tools to make a complaint via the government website/message board. If this OOC moment was a mistake or new player, this would be the time to teach them. Regardless of the scenario, I will inform them that they will be given a warning and inform the proper channels on my end.

    ▸You are spectating a new player and he is attempting to steal cars from locals as well as beating one or two up along the way. What would you do and why?

    I will observe the situation and If it continues, I will grab a FIB vehicle and confront the player. I will ask the player what he was doing and inform him about the rules to the server. I would explain that it is unrealistic to be running around punching locals or attempting to car jack them while they drive. I will explain the reason it is unrealistic (someone would have called the cops on him by now) and give him a warning. I would then continue to monitor the situations and observe for further violations. I will then provide information to the rest of the staff and advise them of the warning.

    Situations pt. 2
    ▸As a Game Moderators we often drive our FBI car to the scene of the incident/player in question, can you give a few reasons why you think we do this?

    GreenLeafRP administrators drive the FBI cars to situations for roleplay purposes. It would be extremely unrealistic and not up to the roleplay expectations to teleport to a scene. Also FBI vehicles are ways to keep professionalism and immersion for players in roleplay situations. FBI vehicles are NOT police vehicles and are not able to pull people over or interact with players on a law enforcement level, BUT, it shows players that there are game administrators online in order to keep roleplay proper. FBI vehicles also discourage/detour foul play.

    Final Few
    ▸A ban you placed gets appealed, you believe the ban is justified and should remain permanent but the player is given a second chance. How would you react?

    Personally, I did my part and I don't take things personal. In the long run, I am here to enjoy good RP and as a game administrator I am sworn to uphold that. If it means the, "higher ups" gave this guy a second change, good for them.

    ▸You are in an RP situation with a serious lack of RP and minor character breaks, there are 3 players involved all right there with you, what would you do?

    I would put on my FBI vest if things escalated and react to the situation accordingly. I will try and work things out between the parties. At some points in any situation, there will be minor character breaks so it will all kind of depend on the severity.
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    Denied because of admin action taken against your account
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