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We are a community of enthusiastic players from around the world who roleplay to the highest quality.

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Who are we?


We strive to provide the most realistic platform available. Our belief is that there are consequences to actions, both positive and negative which further help develop your roleplay. Also, who doesn't love the sound of handcuffs?


With realism comes a strong demand for roleplay. We demand roleplay at all times when in a game environment because that's why we are here! Our community draws experience from many other successful communities so we can redefine hardcore RP.


Attention to detail and quality roleplay creates the immersion to really make the whole experience. Breaking immersion is one of our biggest pet peaves. Is it one of yours? If so, you belong here. Join us and get fully immersed in an ever growing roleplay experience.


Some of the things you can do in our server... There's more!


Fight crime, chase criminals, pull people over and be there for the citizens of Los Santos. To serve and protect!


Do you like fire that much you want to put it out? Join the Fire Department and ensure the flames are kept to a minimum.


You know how those civilians are... Be there for the moments that they fight over donuts or drinks. Hurrah!


What you do to make loads of money to spend on sweets and super cars! Your choice right?


Want to hunt deer? Fish off a pier? Skydive with fear? Leisure activity has you covered. It all depends on you!


To stream or not to stream. That is not the question because you will never have to worry about it here.

What are you waiting for?

You've scrolled this far, so we think you'd like to join us. We have so much to offer and a great team of staff to make sure your stay here is great!